When things don’t go as planned

Nothing in life ever seems to go as planned.  At least that’s what I’ve found.  You think your life is on the path that it is meant to be on and all of the sudden the path is gone.  Life as you know it has changed.  I’m sure that sounds over dramatic, and if you know me, you aren’t surprised.  Having spent a good amount of my life in the theater, drama is my thing.  But I’m off topic.

Things in the Rose house seemed to be going on a great plan.  Me, a work at home Mom with a moderately successful Pampered Chef business.  My husband was doing well.  Then in the blink of an eye, things changed.

About 2 months ago I decided to come out of retirement and go back to work as a Nail Technician for an awesome Salon.  For my local peeps, it’s Rock Your Locks in Brandon.  Although The Pampered Chef is still something I enjoy doing, and will continue it for the foreseeable future, It was time to get out of the house.  All of my kids are in school, and I needed to do something that was just for me.  And I am loving every second of my time there!  I’ve also finally decided to do something that I have been planning for years.  I’m writing a book.  Yes, it’s a sappy romance, because they are so much fun to write!  I’ve started and stopped so many over the years, but this one is more than halfway done!  Can’t wait to be able to write the blog that tells you where and when you can get a copy for yourself!  But back to the point…

Suddenly, I am the sole income earner for our family.  Without going into all of the gory details, let’s just say, it is for the best right this moment, but it is a lot of pressure on me.  Pressure that I am just not used to.  So I ask you, what do you do when life changes course on you so drastically?  I had a few options.  I could wallow in the depression of knowing that I would be doing without some things for a while.  I could let the pressure get to me so badly that I just stop.  Or I could realize that this job that I wasn’t looking for happened for a reason.

I’m going to be quite honest.  Going back to work has been a blessing for more than one reason.  It’s my safe place. A place to escape everything that isn’t going quite like I wanted in my life.  A place that I laugh all of the time.  So I decided that instead of wallowing in self pity as I’m normally prone to do, I will use our current circumstances as a kick in the ass to build both of my businesses and to finish my book.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because one day, I’m going to be amazingly successful (I’m throwing that shit out to the universe!), and I want it out there that no matter how you start out in life, you end up where you were meant to be!