I never used to believe things happened for a reason…………

Until today!  People tell you that all of the time.  Everything happens for a reason.  Normally I would give them a side eye and pretend to agree.  But if I’m being completely honest with you, and myself actually, I firmly believed that life was a series of random events that shaped us into who we are.  I still believe that the events in our lives make us who we are, but maybe they aren’t so random.

So what made today different than most days?  An experience that I had this morning!  As most of you know, I am currently on the MediFast diet, which in the weight loss phase is very strict.  So with the exception of my trip to Toronto (UH-MAZING TRIP BTW!)…I haven’t been to Starbucks since I started.  Most of you don’t know me, except for what you read here, but I am a Starbucks addict.  Ok…coffee in general (as I sit here with my nightly cup in hand!)  And believe me when I tell you, my Starbucks visits are loaded with calories (Venti Double Shot White Chocolate Mocha with Whipped Cream..ahem!). So I’ve been avoiding.  And what makes it worse is that I pass it 4 times a day taking my kids to camp and picking them up!  I promise I do have a point here that is not related to my caffeine addiction!

This morning, I really wanted some Starbucks.  Having it again in Toronto made it worse!  So my plan was to stop and get a non fat latte with 2 splendas.  As I got closer, I was concerned about my ability to have any willpower AT ALL and I drove past.  It then became a mission.  I was going to Starbucks and I WAS GOING TO BEHAVE! So I did a u-turn and headed back.  Into the drive thru I go…I order my non fat latte with a double shot (ok..ok!) and head to the window.  There have been times where I have paid for the person behind me in line.  Today was one of those days.  I paid for the car behind me and moved on.  Never expected to hear another thing about it.

Obviously you realize that I’m telling you this for a reason.  I got home and sat down at my computer to do some work.  And I get a private message on Facebook from a friend with a screenshot.  The screenshot was of a post in a group that she was in, thanking the person in the car in front of her for paying for her order this morning.  That her day had been hectic already.  She was surprised so she paid for the guy behind her.  She remembered the Pampered Chef logo on the back on my truck and was very close on remembering my name! So my friend asked if that was me!

Normally, I probably would have smiled and moved on.  But I messaged the person in the car behind me to thank her for her sweet words.  She asked me for the link to my Facebook page and I have gotten quite a few new fans and some very lovely posts and messages all day!  So I asked myself.  Who would I have been in front of if I hadn’t passed it first.  Or why did I turn around and go back at all!  I may not know the reason right now, but I KNOW that I landed in front of her because there is some kind of plan.

It made me think of some other events in my life that I thought random.  I’m going to take two that stand out right now.  And I’ve talked about Heather before.  I’m going to talk about her again now.  She comes to mind immediately, probably because I just took a trip to Toronto with her and I’m talking to her right now. LOL  But 17 years ago when I was an IT Headhunter, her resume landed on my desk.  I interviewed her for a great start up and she got the job.  She didn’t take it…but she got it.  We hit it off immediately.  And now 17 years later, we’re still amazingly close friends!  Maybe not so random??

Scenario #2 – 13 years ago, I was bored one night and put an ad on a singles site online.  2 days later this guy answered my ad.  Our 12 year wedding anniversary is next month.  Random??

So what started out to be an innocent random act of kindness, may have been a thought and life changing experience for me!  I’m looking forward to seeing exactly why I landed in front of this amazing woman at the Starbucks drive thru!