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We are leaving in 4 days for Toronto.  And Heather mentioned today that we will have 4 days with no responsibility!  It made me think.  When was the last time that happened??

Looking back on my life, I realize that I’ve always been pretty responsible.  Always checked in with my parents, so I never had a curfew.  I’ve been working at least 1 job since I was 15 years old, most of the time 2.  I started my Pampered Chef business right after I got married, and at the time I was working 2 jobs and going to school.  Now I’ve got 4 of the greatest kids anyone could ever ask for and a pretty darn good husband as well.  But I had to ask myself.  How often do I just have FUN?  Even when I’m out, I’m thinking about what I have to do at home.  When was the last time I was just ME?  I can’t even remember!

Now I am faced with the fact that I am going to be out of the country for 4 days!  And although my family will always be on my mind, because I know how hard it is going to be to be away from them, this is truly going to be an opportunity to start to remember who I am again!  I spend so much of my life being someone’s mother or wife.  This is 4 days to just be ME!  In a way, it’s a little scary!

But I believe that Heather an I are in the same head space right now.  We both need to figure out who we are and what we really want to be when we grow up.  It will be a chance for both of us to do something neither of us EVER does…truly let loose!  And I think that even though we’ve been friends for 17 years, this will be a bonding experience that we need.  We’ve hung out quite a bit over the years, we’ve even done various business ventures together.  However, in all of those years, we’ve never just had uninterrupted time to hang out and just BE!  Travelling with friends is always fun (I’m sure), but doing it with one that truly understands where you are in your life is priceless!  Especially one that you can totally geek out with and they won’t judge!! Because I promise you, there will be  A LOT of geeking being done in Toronto!!!!

For anyone that doesn’t know WHY we chose Toronto, you’ll find out soon enough!  I can pretty much guarantee that next week’s blog is going to be a crazy excited mess!!  You may even get more than one!!!  I may be inspired while I’m there!


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