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Keeping it interesting

I love to cook, obviously…so sticking to the 5 and 1 plan through MediFast can sometimes be a challenge.  I am still cooking all of this amazing food for my family…food that I can’t eat!  I take that back…food that I CHOOSE not to eat!  Because everything I do in regard to my health is a choice.  I find that my lean and green meal (the one that I can prepare for myself daily) can get rather boring.  Picture this…one lean protein and 3 servings of veggies every night.  How creative can you really be??

That’s where me LOVING food and loving to experiment comes in handy.  Although I have to credit my uber supportive husband for this idea.  My new mission…take as many recipes from my cookbooks, cooking magazines and cooking shows as possible and adjust them to fit my new, healthier lifestyle!  This will get a lot easier in time, when my restrictions lighten a bit.  But as for right now, the challenge is fun!  I am immersing myself in the book written by the doctor that created the Medifast plan.  The more I read, the more creative I can become.  So picture me sitting on my couch at night….Dr. A’s book in one hand…My tablet in the other looking at cookbooks and cooking magazines, and a notebook in my lap while watching Pretty Little Liars on the DVR.  Yep, that will be me tonight!  I’ve completely thrown myself into this new project and I plan to share the successful ones with others that are on this journey…or any other health journey!!  I may even post a few here in this blog!

I do have to admit that being a Pampered Chef consultant comes in VERY handy for this!  My tools make my prep work so much quicker and easier, which is important when you are cooking two completely different meals pretty much nightly!  And when I DO have time to cook my meals ahead of time, my leak proof glass storage containers are a LIFE saver!

As I’ve said before, I tend to quit diets before I reach my ultimate goal.  So I think I’ve found a way around that!!  🙂


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