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Let it Go!



I know, I know…I’ve now put the song in your head and you’re ready to punch me!  But there is a reason for the title!

Just like the weight I’ve been holding on to for years now, I tend to hold on to everything.  I hold a grudge…I hold on to sadness…you name it.  That is what I consider to be my biggest flaw and what causes me the most stress.

So thus begins another journey.  One to learn to LET IT GO!  The start to this will be my 4 day vacation to Toronto with one of my very best friends, Heather.  We are both in a similar place in our lives, so along with having an amazing few days together…it is our goal to start letting go of the things that are holding us back from what we want.

So with that in mind.  It’s time to let a few other things go.  First, apparently I must have screwed up my diet somewhere that I am not aware of, because I am up 4 pounds since last week.  Now normally, this would upset me so much that I would just give up and say, ok…I’m fat…that’s the way it’s going to be!  Obviously this diet, like every other one isn’t going to work for me. Yes…this is a conversation I’ve had with myself often!  Instead of giving up, I’m going to be more careful about tracking my food and water to be sure that I’m not going off plan even a little!  What makes this time different?  Me!  I’m different.  I want to be around when my kids are older.  I want to see them get married, I want to see my grandkids.  Which will NOT happen if I continue on my current path with my health.

Along that same lines, I have to let go of what other people think of me.  I live my life with integrity and I own everything I do.  I own my mistakes and don’t try to place the blame on anyone else. Sometimes I am misunderstood.  And that’s ok.  Take the time to talk to me and I will explain.  But choose to just walk away, and from now on, that’s on you. I’ll still be here if you choose to seek me out, but I’m not chasing people and begging them anymore.

I’m sure there is WAY more, but these are the things on my mind right now.  🙂

This is the dawn of a very new me.  My trip is going to help me make HUGE strides.  And I’m so excited to see the results!


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