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I was on a call with my Health Coach and some other women tonight and it made me start to really think about choices.  I was telling them about the challenges that I faced with my birthday on Saturday.  I’ll be the first to admit…I cheated on the diet a little bit. I had a drink, first one in a month.  Although I didn’t eat anything really that I wouldn’t eat normally lately, I ate a little  more than normal.  Popcorn at the movies…and a tiny bit of ice cream cake with the kids.  All choices!  So when I stop on the scale and don’t see as big of a change as I want, I know that it was my choice.  Could I have made better choices? Absolutely!  Should I have?  Probably.  But that is the beauty of life.  We make our choices!

The problem is…once we make those choices…are we willing to live with the consequences?  In this particular case…it will take me slightly longer to reach my goal, but I can live with it.  Some choices are so much harder.  

I started to think about choices I’ve made throughout my life.  At the time I didn’t realize they were choices I was making.  But looking back at them, every one of them, no matter how hard, has made my life now that much better!  The choice not to chase that boy in high school that was the love of my life after we broke up.  Result?  I met and married my husband and now have 4 amazing kids.  The choice to stop singing and performing in front of a live audience…I now have a career with a company I believe in, selling a product that I love, teaching women how to cook healthy meals for their families in less time and for less money.  All the while I am able to stay home and be here for every aspect of our lives!  I have made some amazing friends and learned so much!  Giving up on health and fitness after I had kids because I was too “busy” to keep up.  Result…I was introduced to my fantastic new health coach and this product I would have never had to seek out before! And knowing about this product, I can help those around me by introducing them to it and giving them their choice!

Those are the three biggest choices that stand out to me as having shaped who I am and where I am today.  And although my life isn’t perfect, it’s a good one. And I’m happy with who I am right now.  As I’m starting to be more comfortable with my outward appearance, I am realizing that more and more.  I am realizing more and more how blessed I am and am starting to appreciate what I have, and not spending so much time wishing I had something different.  Do I wonder what would have happened if I had made different choices?  Yes, absolutely. That’s just human nature.  But as I sit here writing this blog, I realize…that even in my tiny cluttered house, I’m happy.  And that’s all any of us really want…isn’t it?

Think about some of the choices you made and maybe regret…how have those decisions changed your life for the better? Feel free to share them in the comments!! 


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