We are leaving in 4 days for Toronto.  And Heather mentioned today that we will have 4 days with no responsibility!  It made me think.  When was the last time that happened??

Looking back on my life, I realize that I’ve always been pretty responsible.  Always checked in with my parents, so I never had a curfew.  I’ve been working at least 1 job since I was 15 years old, most of the time 2.  I started my Pampered Chef business right after I got married, and at the time I was working 2 jobs and going to school.  Now I’ve got 4 of the greatest kids anyone could ever ask for and a pretty darn good husband as well.  But I had to ask myself.  How often do I just have FUN?  Even when I’m out, I’m thinking about what I have to do at home.  When was the last time I was just ME?  I can’t even remember!

Now I am faced with the fact that I am going to be out of the country for 4 days!  And although my family will always be on my mind, because I know how hard it is going to be to be away from them, this is truly going to be an opportunity to start to remember who I am again!  I spend so much of my life being someone’s mother or wife.  This is 4 days to just be ME!  In a way, it’s a little scary!

But I believe that Heather an I are in the same head space right now.  We both need to figure out who we are and what we really want to be when we grow up.  It will be a chance for both of us to do something neither of us EVER does…truly let loose!  And I think that even though we’ve been friends for 17 years, this will be a bonding experience that we need.  We’ve hung out quite a bit over the years, we’ve even done various business ventures together.  However, in all of those years, we’ve never just had uninterrupted time to hang out and just BE!  Travelling with friends is always fun (I’m sure), but doing it with one that truly understands where you are in your life is priceless!  Especially one that you can totally geek out with and they won’t judge!! Because I promise you, there will be  A LOT of geeking being done in Toronto!!!!

For anyone that doesn’t know WHY we chose Toronto, you’ll find out soon enough!  I can pretty much guarantee that next week’s blog is going to be a crazy excited mess!!  You may even get more than one!!!  I may be inspired while I’m there!


Keeping it interesting

I love to cook, obviously…so sticking to the 5 and 1 plan through MediFast can sometimes be a challenge.  I am still cooking all of this amazing food for my family…food that I can’t eat!  I take that back…food that I CHOOSE not to eat!  Because everything I do in regard to my health is a choice.  I find that my lean and green meal (the one that I can prepare for myself daily) can get rather boring.  Picture this…one lean protein and 3 servings of veggies every night.  How creative can you really be??

That’s where me LOVING food and loving to experiment comes in handy.  Although I have to credit my uber supportive husband for this idea.  My new mission…take as many recipes from my cookbooks, cooking magazines and cooking shows as possible and adjust them to fit my new, healthier lifestyle!  This will get a lot easier in time, when my restrictions lighten a bit.  But as for right now, the challenge is fun!  I am immersing myself in the book written by the doctor that created the Medifast plan.  The more I read, the more creative I can become.  So picture me sitting on my couch at night….Dr. A’s book in one hand…My tablet in the other looking at cookbooks and cooking magazines, and a notebook in my lap while watching Pretty Little Liars on the DVR.  Yep, that will be me tonight!  I’ve completely thrown myself into this new project and I plan to share the successful ones with others that are on this journey…or any other health journey!!  I may even post a few here in this blog!

I do have to admit that being a Pampered Chef consultant comes in VERY handy for this!  My tools make my prep work so much quicker and easier, which is important when you are cooking two completely different meals pretty much nightly!  And when I DO have time to cook my meals ahead of time, my leak proof glass storage containers are a LIFE saver!

As I’ve said before, I tend to quit diets before I reach my ultimate goal.  So I think I’ve found a way around that!!  🙂

Let it Go!



I know, I know…I’ve now put the song in your head and you’re ready to punch me!  But there is a reason for the title!

Just like the weight I’ve been holding on to for years now, I tend to hold on to everything.  I hold a grudge…I hold on to sadness…you name it.  That is what I consider to be my biggest flaw and what causes me the most stress.

So thus begins another journey.  One to learn to LET IT GO!  The start to this will be my 4 day vacation to Toronto with one of my very best friends, Heather.  We are both in a similar place in our lives, so along with having an amazing few days together…it is our goal to start letting go of the things that are holding us back from what we want.

So with that in mind.  It’s time to let a few other things go.  First, apparently I must have screwed up my diet somewhere that I am not aware of, because I am up 4 pounds since last week.  Now normally, this would upset me so much that I would just give up and say, ok…I’m fat…that’s the way it’s going to be!  Obviously this diet, like every other one isn’t going to work for me. Yes…this is a conversation I’ve had with myself often!  Instead of giving up, I’m going to be more careful about tracking my food and water to be sure that I’m not going off plan even a little!  What makes this time different?  Me!  I’m different.  I want to be around when my kids are older.  I want to see them get married, I want to see my grandkids.  Which will NOT happen if I continue on my current path with my health.

Along that same lines, I have to let go of what other people think of me.  I live my life with integrity and I own everything I do.  I own my mistakes and don’t try to place the blame on anyone else. Sometimes I am misunderstood.  And that’s ok.  Take the time to talk to me and I will explain.  But choose to just walk away, and from now on, that’s on you. I’ll still be here if you choose to seek me out, but I’m not chasing people and begging them anymore.

I’m sure there is WAY more, but these are the things on my mind right now.  🙂

This is the dawn of a very new me.  My trip is going to help me make HUGE strides.  And I’m so excited to see the results!



I was on a call with my Health Coach and some other women tonight and it made me start to really think about choices.  I was telling them about the challenges that I faced with my birthday on Saturday.  I’ll be the first to admit…I cheated on the diet a little bit. I had a drink, first one in a month.  Although I didn’t eat anything really that I wouldn’t eat normally lately, I ate a little  more than normal.  Popcorn at the movies…and a tiny bit of ice cream cake with the kids.  All choices!  So when I stop on the scale and don’t see as big of a change as I want, I know that it was my choice.  Could I have made better choices? Absolutely!  Should I have?  Probably.  But that is the beauty of life.  We make our choices!

The problem is…once we make those choices…are we willing to live with the consequences?  In this particular case…it will take me slightly longer to reach my goal, but I can live with it.  Some choices are so much harder.  

I started to think about choices I’ve made throughout my life.  At the time I didn’t realize they were choices I was making.  But looking back at them, every one of them, no matter how hard, has made my life now that much better!  The choice not to chase that boy in high school that was the love of my life after we broke up.  Result?  I met and married my husband and now have 4 amazing kids.  The choice to stop singing and performing in front of a live audience…I now have a career with a company I believe in, selling a product that I love, teaching women how to cook healthy meals for their families in less time and for less money.  All the while I am able to stay home and be here for every aspect of our lives!  I have made some amazing friends and learned so much!  Giving up on health and fitness after I had kids because I was too “busy” to keep up.  Result…I was introduced to my fantastic new health coach and this product I would have never had to seek out before! And knowing about this product, I can help those around me by introducing them to it and giving them their choice!

Those are the three biggest choices that stand out to me as having shaped who I am and where I am today.  And although my life isn’t perfect, it’s a good one. And I’m happy with who I am right now.  As I’m starting to be more comfortable with my outward appearance, I am realizing that more and more.  I am realizing more and more how blessed I am and am starting to appreciate what I have, and not spending so much time wishing I had something different.  Do I wonder what would have happened if I had made different choices?  Yes, absolutely. That’s just human nature.  But as I sit here writing this blog, I realize…that even in my tiny cluttered house, I’m happy.  And that’s all any of us really want…isn’t it?

Think about some of the choices you made and maybe regret…how have those decisions changed your life for the better? Feel free to share them in the comments!!