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One week down!

So…Last Thursday was one week since I started this new journey with Medifast!  

I have to admit, it’s been  harder than I thought. The first couple of days I was super excited and ready to go.  I ate my meals every 2 to 3 hours…drank more water than EVER and was happy to do it!  I even drastically cut down my Diet Dr. Pepper drinking!!  From 5 or 6 a day…to 1!!  Then temptation started…cravings…and the feeling alone because the rest of my family is still eating normally and I have to cook it!  I declined any invitation from friends to go out because eating at restaurants scared me.

BUT…I kept going…I stuck to it and when I stepped on the scale this past Sunday I had lost 7 pounds! And I went down a back size!  Of course this makes me realize that it’s totally worth it, but still it’s difficult right now.  I miss a meal here and there and some days I don’t get all of my water in…most but not all.

I did, however, venture out to a restaurant with a friend.  Could I have picked a harder place??  The Cheesecake Factory!!  But, thankfully I was with an uber supportive friend.  There was no bread at our table, we both drank water and she ordered the same salad I did!  I don’t think she has any idea how much that meant to me and how much more I love her now!  She in no way HAD to do that!!  We saw a movie after and I didn’t even get popcorn!  Am I proud of myself?  YES!

Part of my difficulty is because of how much I love to cook. But I’ve discovered that it’s fun to try to recreate some of my favorite dishes to fit into my lean and green lifestyle!  I found a recipe for a buffalo chicken “pizza” – the crust being cauliflower and I LOVE it…so now it will be fun to attempt different toppings on this fantastic crust!  Oh and a little Pampered Chef product plug here…have a recipe that calls for grated cauliflower???  The Manual Food Processor to the rescue!!!

I’ve also missed my normal workout routine…I’ve slowed it down a bit to account for the change in my calorie intake.  So I’m looking forward to amping it up slightly this week and back to normal next week!  Need to lose as much as I can before my vacation in July!!!  

Keep reading for more fun adventures and discoveries!


One thought on “One week down!

  1. Congratulations!!
    The Cheesecake Factory has an awesome “SKINNYlicious menu. There is a pasta dish on there to die for!
    That crust sounds delicious, I must try it!

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