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The weight loss journey begins!

I’ve probably never mentioned this in such a public forum before…but I am very uncomfortable in my own skin. I realize I am not as young as I used to be, and I’ve had 3 children, but I no longer recognize myself. As a matter of fact, my own 5 year old told me how fat I am the other day. Now, while I realize he’s five and probably doesn’t understand exactly what he said and why it hurt my feelings, it only served to voice how I already feel outloud.

To see me in person, you probably would have no idea how insecure and uncomfortable I am. The actress in me knows how to mask it. But here’s the thing. I’m tired of hiding how I really feel. If you’ve ever heard the song Reflections by Christina Aguilera…that’s how I feel. I show a different face to everyone around me…even my husband most days.

So I finally decided it was time to do something about it. It’s time to be the person I used to be. So the tone of my blog will change for a while…from one about cooking…to one about my weight loss journey. Because I want everyone to see that they can do anything they put their mind too! I won’t say that I”ll post every day…but at least every week. Sometimes more. And I’ll share both my good and bad on this journey.

So what am I doing to change things? Well…I’ve tried just about every weight loss thing out there. My chiropractic physician referred me to Medi-Fast…so I took the leap…ordered a month’s worth of food…and I start tomorrow! One of my very best friends is helping me on the work out front…And I love her so much for being such a motivating presence in my life. She’s 20 years younger than me, but we are the same person! And I know that without her, and the support of my incredible husband and friends, this would be much harder than it needs to be.

So…here we go…my journey to be back to a comfortable size six!!! Wish me luck!!



2 thoughts on “The weight loss journey begins!

  1. Good luck Laurie! You are such a beautiful and driven person, I have no doubt that you will succeed in whatever you put your mind to. I am so proud of you for being brave enough to share your journey. Hopefully your determination will inspire me to do what I KNOW I need to do and lose this baby weight! Miss you, Love you!
    ~ Jenn Hutchison

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